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Avalon is a Free Company (Guild.. Linkshell.. Clan ect ect) for those who wish to progress through End-Game PvE content or just play with friends

Basic Information

  •  Realm- Gilgamesh (NA/Non-Legacy Server)
  •  Time Zone: Our officers are on EST (GMT -5) EDST (GMT -4).
  •  PvE or PvP? Both! But our main focus will be on PvE endgame raiding.
  •  Both casual and hardcore players are welcomed. Raiding is not required!
  •  Raid Times: 7pm - 10pm EST Mon-Thurs
  •  Mumble: Hostname - nagoto.mumble.com Port 8686
  • Avalon's Stream: Twitch.tv/nagotoo

Our officers all have in depth raiding and mmo experience from either 1.0 or games past (FFXI, WoW, Aion, Rift, ect ect).

Our Goal:

To have a Free Company that progresses through end game content quickly.

During the leveling process we want to help players with F.A.T.Es, questing and instances.

Once at level 50 we seek to help players gear and prepare for progression endgame.

Competitive Progression

Though all types of players are welcome - when it comes to PvE endgame we will have a less casual outlook. We expect people to show up to raids on time and prepared if they say they are coming (if cancellations need to be made an officer must be given notice.) We will expect raiders to take criticism and have an open mind to learn fight mechanics and better their raiding ability.

To be a raider you must want to be a raider and dedicate time to gearing up as quickly as you can and learning everything about your class/job. If you plan on raiding, you will need to put in more time than just 1 dungeon a day. There will be people chaining dungeons for gear and if you don't have the drive to do so yourself, you will fall behind and not be in the main raid group.

You should consider joining if... 

  •  You want to enjoy high quality end game raiding
  •  You wish to be in a progression raid group.
  •  Gear up and obtain the experience needed to be a dedicated raider.
  •  Help other players
  •  Learn more about the game.
  •  Hang out and chat.
  •  Have a good attitude and honestly love the game.

What Avalon Provides:

Progressive PvE End-game Avalon's end goal is just that, end game. We will strive to be one of the BEST raiding FC's on whatever server we choose.

Friendly, helpful and DRAMA FREE environment. Though we have no problem with people joking around, things like "trolling" or overall jerkish-ness will not be accepted. We want all of our members comfortable with each other. If any issues occur matters shouldn't be dealt with personally - but through an officer.

A place to grow as a player Our officers will do our best to help you get geared enough to participate in the current end game content. Teach you our strategies for raid encounters and more. You never have to be afraid of asking the raid leader to explain an aspect of the fight to you again. We would rather people ask questions and have things repeated than causing a wipe due to lack of understanding.

Mumble Our mumble server is open to all members! Currently it's a 15slot server but will be upgraded as the group grows (Most likely to a 35-50 slot). The info is listed above.

If you're interested in joining, have any questions or just want to hang out and chat. Feel free to hop into mumble, post here, PM me or contact myself at:

Nagoto: Skype- moonkin1992 Email: Nagotoo@gmail.com

Thank you for your consideration! We look forward to seeing everyone in Eorzea.

Avalon Live Stream(Coming Soon)

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